Accurate reproduction starts with a high-quality scan. We offer scanning services for fine art reproductions, architectural drawings (which include rastor to vector conversions), and basic scanning of office documents.

CRUSE No-Touch Scanning

Riverside Art's in-house CRUSE Scanner has the newest and most accurate optics/color profiles to date. This scanner is capable of scanning up to 48" x 72" in a single pass and up to four times that size in multiple passes, capturing the most precise image possible. The CRUSE scanner is proven superior to photography for digitizing originals. Images are captured in strictly controlled light conditions and with consistent sharpness, homogenous light exposure, and consistent reproduction angle.

Wrinkled map imageMap scan image
First: an old, rippled map being scanned by our CRUSE Scanner. Second: the scanned image. Because our CRUSE Scanner always has perfect lighting at the point of capture, the ripples in the old map do NOT interfere with the scan and a beautiful reproduction is the result. More Examples
  • Even and precise scanning up to 1000 dpi optical resolution
  • Homogenous, even, and totally stable light exposure
  • ICC based color management, and advanced profiling with our customized profiling targets and software
  • Totally "touch-free," non contact scanning
  • Capable of scanning framed pictures and originals, even through the glass!
  • Can capture surface texture and fine details with variable lighting options
  • SD (Surface Detecting) 3D scanning can capture the texture and depth of an object
  • For all the info on the CRUSE Scanner and pricing, download our Scanning PDF


Basic scanning is $17 per square foot, with a minimum of 1 square foot.
Bulk scanning may qualify for discounts–please contact us for pricing.

SIZE COST This pricing structure is based on a straightforward scan, with no special lighting considerations or set up.

(Enhancing the texture of a painting, picking up subtle paper texture, or scanning a 3-dimensional object requires additional set up and scanning time, and will increase the price of the service.)
8x10 $17
12x16 $22.67
16x20 $37.78
18x24 $51
24x36 $102
30x40 $142
36x48 $204
48x72 $408