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Art Night Bristol and Warren and Riverside recently partnered for a pair of seminars covering Reproducing Artwork and DIY Framing. Both were well attended and well received.

The Reproducing Artwork hour covered essential topics such as the benefits of scanning work for reproductions and digital submissions, printing options and creative ways to utilize scanning in your creative process. Special attention was given to the extensive capabilities of Riverside's new Cruse scanner. These include its no touch scanning, capabilities to capture artwork up to 16 feet by 24 feet with incredible accuracy, directional lighting capabilities and more. Also covered was info on ways to use the scanner to create digital files for textures, patterns, enlarging or shrinking items from sketchbooks, found objects and more. You can find out more in the scanning section of our website.

The DIY Framing covered important framing topics such as framing selection, matting options, mat cutting, archival mounting techniques and choosing the right glass options. This seminar included discussion of the range of considerations from cost, to enhancing and complimenting the art work, presentation for series of works and meeting gallery requirements. Information about various archival choices for mats, glass and mounting options was presented. Also covered was information about the practical as well as aesthetic choices to be considered when framing art. Finally, methods of sealing the works and the importance of proper wire placement and tensioning were presented.

Following the seminars Donna Persons from Art Night received great feedback and we received this email from Dianne Burns:

"Just wanted to say what a good job both instructors did at the Art Night Seminar last night. Just to get that amount of information into the allotted time, without skipping anyone's questions was a feat in itself. And a big Thank You to the Riverside Art family for hosting this very inspiring event!"

If your art organization would like to partner with Riverside to present these seminars for your members or students please contact Stephanie or Kim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 508 672-6735


Taking it on the Road

Our staff has presented the DIY Framing portion of this workshop on location for local art associations and camera clubs.


Newly Expanded Scanning Services artscope-ad-oct2014

We are excited to announce that we have recently brought to New England the most current CRUSE Scanner technology, which is already being used by national archives, museums and government agencies worldwide. This large format scanner is capable of scanning up to 48" x 72" in a single pass and up to four times that size in multiple passes, capturing the most precise image possible.

Far more accurate than photography, the CRUSE scanner is suitable for individual as well as commercial application, whether you are scanning for the purpose of duplicating family photos, digitizing documents for archiving, working with engineering or design models, or producing fine art prints from originals.

Unlike traditional scanners, the CRUSE scanner is an overhead, no-contact scanner, which accurately captures the texture and depth of the item on the scanning bed. The ability of the CRUSE to scan dimensional pieces, including framed artwork, textiles, and catalogue products brings the benefits and availability of scanning to a broader demographic.

See our new Scanning page for more information.

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