Digital Restoration

image of example digital restorationOur photo restoration services include colorization and tinting, as well as hue and contrast adjustment. We can repair damage from cracks, creases and tears all the way up to custom creation of missing subjects or the removal of existing subjects.

As a digital process, the original photograph is not actually restored, but rather the photo is scanned and a digital copy is adjusted and corrected on the computer. When the job is finished, you will receive a digital file that will allow you to make prints of the restored image right away or years down the road.

The pricing is determined by the complexity of the restoration, the time needed to complete the job, and can range from $50 to $250. For the most accurate pricing estimates, please bring your photo into the store for one our reprographics staff to assess, as this is the best way to determine a course of action.

Once the restoration is complete, you can have the image printed out on a simple color laser copy or onto any of our fine art media, which include photo paper, cotton fine art paper, or canvas. The cost of the printing is separate from the cost of the restoration. Estimates can be discussed when you bring the photo in for the restoration assessment.

Turnaround Time: Completion times vary depending on the amount of work needed to be done. An estimated time of completion will be given during the initial assessment of the piece.

Painting Preparation

for Artists

Not only can we make reproductions of a piece of artwork when it is finished, but we can help you out before you even start the painting! We can take your smaller preparatory drawings from your sketchbook, scan them, enlarge them to the final size of the painting, and them print onto one of our three styles of stretchers. This is a great time saver for those tight deadlines!