Since 1995 Riverside Art has been using the Wizard Computerized Matting System. We were one of the first frame shops in New England to embrace and offer this technology to our customers.

From an assortment of pre-cut mat boards, we can cut a specific sized opening (or even multiple openings) while you wait. In most cases, for less than the price of a pre-packaged commercial mat, we can offer variety and custom quality at the speed and convenience of an “off the rack” purchase.

Choices must be made from our pre-selected assortment of thousands of mats. Quantities over 12 mats may need to be scheduled. Our price is based on the price of the mat board (see below) plus $2.00 per opening.Bring in your artwork and frame if you’d like, and match everything up for a custom framed look.

These prices are for Wizard Express Matting Services only (Wiz Mats) and do not apply to any custom framing order.

Size Archival Paper Mat Archival Fabric Mat
8x10 $0.40 $1.60
9x12 $0.89 $2.95
11x14 $1.50 $4.50
12x16 $1.50 $4.50
14x18 $3.00 $5.75
16x20 $3.95 $6.95

Bulk Matting

If you regularly do your own matting, you probably already have a mat color in mind. In this case, it often works out cheaper to buy full sheets of mat board and have Riverside Art trim them down and cut the openings. Just let us know the mat board name or number, and give us the mat sizes that you need. Aside from the cost of the mat board, the only other charges involved are the mat openings (priced at $2 an opening for sizes 16x20 and under, and $5 for sizes larger than 16x20), and sometimes a cutting/trimming charge for larger jobs.

Save any scraps that you have left over and bring them in to have openings cut another time!

Custom Matting

Custom matting offers more guidance, a wider variety of mat colors and surface textures, and bigger sizes. Work with our framing staff to choose the best mat for your project! Pricing depends on the size of the mat and what kind of surface material the mat has.

We carry AlphaMat, AlphaRag, Artique, and Crescent brand matboards, all of which are archival and acid/lignen free, some are 100% cotton rag. We do also carry some buffered paper mats for students and quick&temporary mat jobs.

DIY Framing

If you are the handy type who likes to do your own framing and just need the basic materials, we&rsqo;ve got you covered! Raw materials such as glass, lengths of moulding, full sheets of mat and mounting boards, wire, tape, etc are all available for purchase. Our framing supplies are ordered weekly; simply let us know what you need and we will do what we can to accommodate you. Quantity discounts are by individual quotes only.

Already have a frame? No problem. We often re-fit old frames with your new work. We can even cut down the frames if they are not quite the right size.

Some of our custom mouldings are also available as kits. This is a great option for metal-sectional frames, as they are easily assembled at home. Since this reduces our labor time, kits qualify for a discount off of the per-foot cost. Prices vary. Limited to metal sectional frames only.

Nielsen ready-made frames

  • Includes archival mats, UV filtering glass, and archival backing board
  • Priced at 50% off manufacturer’s retail price everyday
  • Available in many different styles in a variety of standard sizes

Omega ready-made frames

  • Available in three finishes (gold, silver, dark brown), but in a wide variety of profiles including plein air
  • Have finished corners
  • Priced at 30% off of the manufacturer’s retail price