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Named for Mariette LeComte (our matriarch), the Mariette Gallery is an eclectic showcase of artwork and handcrafted gifts. We exhibit original works by a selection of local artists (including our own employees) as well as framed prints.

Local Art Gallery in Somerset, MA
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Riverside Art hand made gifts in Somerset, MA

The gallery intentionally carries handmade items that are not mass-produced, to show our love and support for other small businesses and entrepreneurial artisans. We have hand-thrown pottery from ceramicists in Somerset, blown glass from a studio in Westport, fused glass and jewelry from all over the country as well as by many local artists.

We also carry a mix of candles, clocks, magnets and book marks, as well as purses, pins, and books by local writers and illustrators. The gallery is always changing, as we are constantly finding something new and interesting for those artful gifts you love to give and receive.

Gift Store in Somerset, MA

Looking for something unique for yourself or a loved one? Come check out our rotating selection of offerings from local individuals and manufacturers. There's always something new or different, and we are happy to tell you all about anything you're curious about.

Mariette Online Gallery

A Specially Curated Gallery of Art Available for Print On Demand


Handcrafted items are regularly considered for consignment in the gallery. The decision to carry a certain line or item is based upon our current stock and is at the sole discretion of the gallery buyer.

Please, contact Stephanie Stroud (EMAIL / 508-672-6735) for more information.

original artwork in somerset, ma


Most of the original artwork on our gallery walls was made by Riverside Art employees, both past and present. We love to show off the talents of those who work here and feel that it’s important to show that many of us are working artists, and that we are often in the same boat as our customers. When it comes to framing, art supplies, and quality prints, we share many of the same concerns, and have the same high-expectations. Having our work on display seems to also be a great ice-breaker which can help our customers to get to know us and further those relationships we have with them.

David Aguiar – Laura Siok Baganha – Chuck Boucher – 
Gary Farias – Kim GatesmanStephanie Stroud

While much of the work was created by our own staff, we do have original works and reproductions by a select group of local artists who have been working with Riverside Art for a very long time.

christine bean local artist watercolor


We have a rotating selection of work by Dartmouth artist, Christine Bean. We have several original watercolors available that are matted and framed. And we have a small selection of her limited edition lithograph reproductions.

“Bean started to hone her painting skills in 1980 by taking classes and workshops. Since then, she has exhibited her work extensively in southern New England, such as the Cape Cod Art Association and Newport Art Association, and won many awards. She is a member of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society, American Society of Marine Artists, Westport Art Group and Marion Art Center. Her work is displayed at Riverside Art in Somerset and the Donovan Gallery in Tiverton.”

Deborah Allard, Fall River Herald News, June 30, 2011.
robert duff local artist moonlight


We have many pieces by Bob Duff, both framed and unframed. We have in stock: canvas transfers, lithographic reproductions on paper, and sometimes original pieces.

“Robert Duff, a native of South Eastern Massachusetts, grew up at the head of Herman Melville's Acushnet River. An ideal childhood of long summer days spent exploring the shores of the river and roaming the fields of the local farms, left Bob with a deep appreciation for the beauty of New England. Often called a modern luminist, Robert developed his techniques from extensive studies of the extraordinary works of the 19th century Hudson River School Artists. A 40-year career has brought a unique maturity and vision to his work. Accomplished as both a landscape and still life painter, his work shows an acute understanding of light and color.”

patriots art by brian fox local artist


We do much of Brain’s giclee printing and have a variety of images by Brian as printer’s proofs. These are available for purchase through Riverside Art.

“Brian Fox is a nationally-renowned artist specializing in painting athletes & celebrities. His forte and passion centers on sports and music but his ability and experience extend far beyond that scope. Brian has painted some of the biggest icons of our time, including the late Jackie obinson, Keith Richards, Derek Jeter, Jim Morrison, Mark Wahlberg, Gene Simmons, Johnny Depp, Muhammad Ali, and Mixed MartialArts Champion Georges St-Pierre, to name just a few.”


We have old, local maps available of many of the surrounding towns within the Greater Fall River and New Bedford areas. The maps are printed as digital reproductions, so we can print them in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.