We are a family-owned business serving the creative needs of South Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Riverside Art is a one-stop-shopping destination for custom picture framing, reprographic services, art supplies, and hand made gifts. Each of our four departments is staffed by working artists and skilled crafts people who have 100 years of combined experience, and we are more than happy to help you during any step of your creative process. On this site you will find listed all the essential services and creative needs like Giclee color reproductions, mat cutting, architectural copying, art materials and furniture. But you will also find the unexpected–canvas stretching, hanging services, digital restoration, match that wood/paint/material, and even wedding services: seating charts and special framing.

We are customer focused and enjoy building lasting relationships with you—we will always do what we can to ensure that you have a positive experience here. In fact, just stop by some time... we love meeting new customers! We can answer any questions you might have, show you around, and even give you some free estimates. No pressure. No obligations.

Most of our services can be customized to fit individual needs, so please do not hesitate to visit or contact us regarding specific projects and pricing...especially in framing. We are proud to say that we can frame pretty much anything that isn't breathing! And we love a challenge! Our staff is proficient in building custom shadow boxes for more sculptural works, and can even internally light the piece for a self-contained display. Our workshop can also accommodate most largescale works that need mounting, framing or stretching. We once stretched and installed a 4'x34' canvas on site!

Ninety-nine percent of our services are done in-house, so the work you bring in does not leave the building until it goes home with you when it is finished. Any pieces requiring out-of-house services are hand delivered to ensure the safety of the work. Please rest assured that our staff shares your concerns regarding the safety and preservation of your artwork and cherished keepsakes. We also have full liability insurance.

In recent years, we have expanded our services to better serve the growing needs of our customers. In framing we have increased the number of available mouldings to accommodate a wider range of frame pricing. Our reprographics department now has two high-end ink jet printers that can make color prints up to 60" wide...this is in addition to our versatile copy and scanning services. And we are now stocking new lines of professional art supplies, as well as growing the scope of our gallery to include a wider array of handmade gifts. Please be sure to explore the individual department pages for more information. And never hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns! We look forward to working with you!

Bob, Paul, David Stephanie, Lisa, Kim, Brie, and Marian